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The Importance of Healthy Meals in Improving Students’ Academic Performance

Scholars are of the view that education is the backbone of any economy. Parents and teachers play their respective roles in ensuring a student gets high quality education. Very many aspects influence the performance of a student. This includes the study curriculum, extra curriculum activities, and discipline of the students. Notably, good nutrition is an integral part of good performance for students. Healthy nutrition consists of three meals a day. This article will deliberate the importance of providing students healthy meals in school and how this boosts good performance.

Many modern parents are busy working for financial security. Such parents take up two to three jobs in a day in order to make ends meet. Such parents do not have the energy or time to attend to their parental duties. Due to this tight work regime, the parents are too exhausted to even cook a decent meal for their family. In most cases they will simply order for a quick meal from the fast food joints. They find this to be a fast and cheaper alternative to preparing a decent meal. Since kids really enjoy high sugar and fatty foods, they will enjoy these meals. Many lifestyle diseases are acquired from unhealthy meals and worst still, such meals affect the ability of the child’s brain to learn.

A school going kid spends more time in school than he or she does at home during school days. Here they learn and play and this drains out all their energy. If these students are hungry or are feed on unhealthy diets, they will have low energy and hence fail to concentrate in school. In order to ensure the students perform well in school, many schools have introduced school feeding programs in their institutions. Such schools have realized the direct connection between a healthy meal and the performance of their students. Some schools provide lunch meals while others have an additional healthy meal or two in the morning hours.

The school feeding programs ensures that their students are assured of a healthy meal or two whenever they are in school. This is important as no student goes hungry. Further, students who do not get proper meals can rely on the school meals for their proper nutrition. These meals include, whole grain, oats and eggs for breakfast and fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains and proteins for lunch, which are high in vitamins and omega three fats. Many school chefs plan for foods that are low in cholesterol, sugar, carbohydrates and fats. The healthy meals provide energy and boost the immune system of the students thus protecting them from opportunistic diseases such as colds. Since the meals have low cholesterols students do not suffer from obesity.
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